Let’s face it. Our financial situation can change any day, leaving us in situations where we cannot pay our bills. If you have taken out an auto loan, you may also struggle to make your monthly car payments. This can and does happen to everyone. So if you ever find yourself in the same situation where you find it difficult to pay out your monthly car payments, don’t worry. We have got you covered.

In this article, we will share the best ways to lower your car payment today to get some much-needed relief on your monthly payments.

Best Tips to Lower Your Car Payment Today

1.   Refinance Your Auto Loan

One of the best ways to get a lower car payment is by refinancing your auto loan. Refinancing allows you to get lower monthly payments or interest rates, depending on your credit score, history of monthly payments, national interest rates, and lender.

You can get a lower monthly car payment by extending your loan term. However, this would mean that you will have to pay more in interest over the life of your auto loan.

2.   Speak to Your Lender

Sometimes, it only takes a good conversation with your lender to get a lower payment. If you have temporary problems making payments, talk to your lender and explain the situation.

If you are completely transparent about everything and have a good history of making timely monthly payments, the lender might be willing to find a solution. Before you try out any other solution, try calling and talking things through with your lender. It’s worth a shot.

3.   Sell Your Car and Get a Cheaper Vehicle

If you are sure that your financial situation will not get better soon, you may consider selling your car and getting a cheaper one. If your car is new, you will get a great price on it that you can use to pay your remaining loan and buy a cheaper vehicle that you can afford.

4.   Get a Car On Lease

If you have sold your car and don’t get to take another auto loan for a cheaper vehicle, you can get a car on lease. Leasing requires lower monthly payments as compared to an auto loan. So if you need a vehicle and don’t want to get yourself mixed with an auto loan for the long term, you can lease a car.


So these are the top 4 ways you can lower your car payment today. It’s completely normal not to be able to pay your auto loan payments due to a decline in your financial situation. But before you take any serious steps, talk to your lender first to see if they can come up with a solution.