If you’re a newbie in the buying and selling market, you may be wondering what the best possible way is to refinance your car. Some people are often on the fence about refinancing through banks or credit unions, which is why this article is here to answer your queries about the best borrowing and lending practices.

There are several common differences between credit unions and banks when it comes to car refinancing. For instance, there is a good amount of documentation involved if you’re applying for a bank loan. Most banks demand detailed documentation and additional items to save you from risks. However, some banks don’t even give out loans anymore as they have tightened their lending standards. So here’s what you should expect from refinancing through banks and credit unions.

Credit Unions

Even though most people aren’t aware of this, transactions are often easier at credit unions than banks. This is because most credit unions have strong affiliations with renowned institutions, which makes car refinancing easier.


On the other hand, refinancing your vehicle through a bank is also credible because it has a huge pool of capital. Moreover, they can also help you refinance an existing loan for a better rate of interest. However, in terms of documentation and the amount of time it takes to approve your application, a bank may not exactly be your best bet.

Since they offer low-cost and secure loans, they may also help you improve your credit score. Instead of charging a high fee, credit unions provide their customers with different ways to improve a bad score. When you apply for credit builder loans or create your credit through secured cards, you can achieve a great score in no time.

Another great thing about credit unions is that they offer lower interest rates on loans as compared to banks. Credit unions pass the savings on to their customers, whereas banks mainly generate revenue for those who invest.

The Bottom Line

In the end, if you’re constantly asking yourself, “how can I lower my car payment?” You may want to explore options other than banks and private lenders. The reason most people don’t consider credit unions for loans is that loans have always been linked to banks, even if there’s no reasoning behind it. Hence, the goal of a good refinance deal is to ensure that your monthly payments are lower and the loan duration is also reasonable.

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